WACDEP Project

The Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) has been created to support the integration of water security and climate change adaptation into development planning processes and the design of financing and investment strategies. WACDEP is one of the four climate resilience programs to implement the global water and climate programme. In fact, water is the principal medium through which people, ecosystems and economies will experience the impacts of climate change. WACDEP can enable successful planning for better water use in a world that would otherwise be severely affected by climate change and poor development planning.

The goal of the programme is to promote water as a key part of sustainable regional and national development and contribute to climate change adaptation for economic growth and human security.

The objectives of the programme are to support:

  • the integration of water security and climate resilience in development planning processes
  • the development of partnerships and capacity of institutions and stakeholders to build resilience to climate change through better water management
  • the development of “no regret” financing and investment strategies for water security and climate change adaptation.

WACDEP is operatianlized by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and part of AMCOW’s workplan. It runs over five years from May 2011 – April 2016 with an estimated budget of 12.7 million Euros.

Under the WACDEP, there are three projects implemented by MyCWP which are as follows: