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 Malaysian CWP

The Malaysian Country Water Partnership (MyCWP) was officially formed on 13th November 2008 to comply with the partnership accreditation requirements of the Global Water Partnership (GWP). GWP partners are organizations and networks. Individuals cannot be partners of GWP. A GWP Country Water Partnership (CWP) is made up of all GWP partners located In Malaysia.

 The Malaysian Water Partnership (MyWP) was recognized by the GWP as a CWP before 2004. However, with the implementation of the GWP’s partnership accreditation system in 2004 there is a need to form the Malaysian CWP (MyCWP), comprising all GWP partners in Malaysia.

 MyWP is an independent, membership organisation legally registered under the Malaysian Society’s Act and has both individual and institutional members. Most of MyWP’s institutional members are partners of GWP. Thus, MyWP will work closely with GWP’s MyCWP to promote IWRM in Malaysia. In this regard, MyWP as a legal entity is the host institution for the MyCWP network.

MyCWP Steering Committee 2012 are:

Datuk Ir. Ahmad Husaini Sulaiman, Chair and SC for GWP-SEA SC

Mdm Daria Mathew, Vice Chair and Alternate SC for GWP-SEA SC

  1. DID Malaysia
  2. MWA
  3. WWF
  5. LUAS
  6. DOE
  7. WIM
  8. GEC


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