Training Needs Assessment Workshop for Water Education – 20 November 2014, Hotel Puri Pujangga, UKM Bangi.

Training Needs Assessment Workshop for Water Education is organised by Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in collaboration with Malaysian Country Water Partnership (MyCWP), Malaysian Water Partnership (MyWP), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and EcoKnights. The workshop’s target groups are academia in higher education institutions, local research centres, NGOs and potential trainers. It will identify issues and problems related to training needs in water education. The workshop will introduce project and problem-based approach to teaching and learning. At the same time, this workshop will explore the GWP IWRM Toolbox, which can be utilised in both formal and non-formal training programmes. A certain method used in the learning for change module will also be applied in this workshop as potential information mining tool in water education.

Objectives of this workshop are:

1. To identify issues and problems related to training needs in water education

2. To identify projects and problems based approach to teaching and learning

3. To explore the GWP Toolbox, which can be utilized in formal and non-formal training programmes

4. To apply the learning for change method as potential tool in water education

5. To share some success stories case studies including issues, challenges and solutions in water education

For more information about this training, please contact the secretariat at or or download the brochure.

Conference Materials Uploaded

Presentations from the “STAKEHOLDER FORUM FOR INCORPORATING CLIMATE RESILIENCE IN THE NATIONAL WATER RESOURCES POLICY ACTION PLANS” which took place from 27th to 28th October 2014 in Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, Malaysia are now available for download from this link


The Malaysian Water Partnership (MyWP) in collaboration with the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (DID) will be organising the Stakeholder Forum For Incorporating Climate Resilience In The National Water Resources Policy Action Plans on the 27th and 28th of October 2014. The Forum will be held at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, Putrajaya.

The objectives of the Forum are:

  1. To provide a forum for Malaysian water stakeholders to discuss and recommend improvement of climate resilience measures in the national action plans,
  2. To provide an opportunity for exchange and sharing of knowledge,
  3. To enhance stakeholder ownership of the action plans, and
  4. To support the development of specific national adaptation responses to promote water security and climate resilience.

Tentative programmes is available for download here

Places are limited to 50 participants. Information regarding registration and registration form can be downloaded here

BEM has approved 8 CPD hours for this forum.

For further clarification regarding this Forum, please contact the Forum Secretariat, Mr. Shahar bin Md. Saleh (DID Malaysia) or Ms. Athirah Lim (MyWP). Mr. Shahar’s contact details are Tel: +60134570547 / Email: and Ms Athirah’s are Tel: +6019-629 2301 / email:


13th International Conference on Urban Drainage 2014 – 7 to 12 September 2014, Kuching, Sarawak

13th International Conference on Urban Drainage 2014 – 7 to 12 September 2014, Kuching, Sarawak

The 13th International Conference on Urban Drainage 2014(13th ICUD 2014) which will be held from 7th to 12th September 2014 will provide the opportunity to gather all stakeholders, researchers, experts with scientific and engineering knowledge in the field of urban drainage in the country and from all over the world. “The theme for this conference is Urban Drainage in the Context of Integrated Urban Water Management: A Bridge Between Developed and Developing Countries.”

The 13th ICUD 2014 will also provide a platform to foster fundamental and applied research on urban drainage and promotes innovative approaches in urban drainage management worldwide.


The objectives of the conference are as follows:

  • To enhance understanding of complex issues in integrated urban drainage and urban water management.
  • To expose local professional, scientists, researchers and NGO’s to state-of-the-art in urban drainage practice.
  • To increase local capacity to conduct research and development in urban drainage/hydrology by employing latest eco-friendly, soft and sustainable technology.
  • To enhance networking with related international bodies and showcase Malaysia’s research and development outputs.

Download the brochure for more information about this conference. To register, download the form here.


Presentation/Materials from MyWRM Forum 2014

The materials and presentation from the Malaysia Water Resources Forum (MyWRM) 2014 is now ready for download in pdf format at the resource section of the website.

These include presentations from plenary session, keynote presentation, paper presentations as well as special issue on World Water Forum 2015.

Remaining presentations will be uploaded  once the secretariat receives it from the speaker.