IFM Community Program

Below are some file and photos of the IFM Community Program held on 25 November 2012. » National Program on IFM – Role of the Community (DOCX File) » Pengurusan Bencana di Malaysia, MKN (PDF File) » Perisapan Menghadapi Banjir – JPS Muar (PDF File) » RedR Presentation_25 November 2012 […]

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Materials from Conferences/Workshops/Activities

» Water Resources for Food Security, MoA (PDF File) » Managing Water Pollution for Public Water Supply – Issues and Strategies, SPAN (PDF File) » Implementation of NWRP, NRE (PDF File) » Proposed National Water Resources Legislation, Ranhill (PDF File) » Alignment of Institutional Framework to the Water Resources Policy, […]

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